Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Parents Visit

So I haven't done this yet, but I figure this is most worthy of a blog post. Two weeks ago, my parents were here!! They stayed with us at home while we had a week of vacation. We traveled a lot around the Netherlands, to lots of little towns. My dutch parents said that they have seen more of the Netherlands in one week then they have in their whole lives! But sometimes that is very true of your own country, you are more
likely to go other places than to explore your own country. The first picture is my american dad, (me) and my Dutch Mom, dad and little brother. We did a few typical touristy things like De Keukenhof, which is a huge garden, the Cheesemarket in Alkmaar, and Kinderdijk, which is a whole lot of windmills all together. 19 of them, which used to be 20. Then as for the towns, we saw Middleberg, Domburg, Willemstad, Zierikzee,
Delft, Antwerp, Brussels, and of course Steenbergen, and Bergen Op Zoom, the city where my school is. The top picture is in Kinderdijk, the place with the windmills, and this one is us in the Keukenhof, the flower garden. They also happened to be here for a Dutch Holiday, called Queen's Day, which is kind of like one big party. It's the only time of the year (excluding the European Championships with Soccer) that the dutch people are nationalistic. So you see everyone dressed in Orange partying. We went to Amsterdam and walked around there, and it looked so cool to see all the people partying on their boats. We stayed over night there and then walked around Amsterdam as it was less crowded, and saw the Rijksmuseum and those sort of things. So that about sums it up. It was really nice to see my
parents after so long, and it was also really nice to see both of my sets of parents interact with each other in person for the first time. I'm sure we will all keep in contact :)


  1. It was so nice to "see" and talk with you yesterday! And now it means even more to see your Dutch parents since I heard from you all about them. Have a wonderful time seeing everything you can see before July 7th. I talked with our exchange student here (Roosa from Finland) about her remaining time, and she shared with me something she has written for the newspaper about being here and having to leave so soon. One line really struck me that I thought captured your feelings too: "It is weird to have to leave my best friends to go home to see my best friends."

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