Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Blogger

So, I didn't actually plan on writing a post today, but it just kind of has happened now. Blogger has a 'new look' even though my blog looks the same though. It's the dashboard that is different. But, on said dashboard, you can see all the people who have looked at your blog, among other less interesting things. HOW COOL! Let me tell you my stats, because I am honestly surprised.
Page views in all time History: 2,469
Page Views by country:
United States: 1,293
Netherlands: 791(i'm sure some of these have to be from me, but I just took off the setting that tracks my views too, so we shall see)
Russia: 47
Australia: 42
Germany: 41
Mexico: 39
United Kingdom: 25
Brazil: 13
France: 13
: 11

I can't say that this does not surprise me! I am very surprised at this. I had no idea how many people were looking at my blog in the states!! Haha. But also that people all over the world are looking at my blog! I think that is partly because my blog is on the AFS Netherlands page, under the blogs among all the other students, and mine just happens to be the first one on the list...so that could very well explain it. But hiii! to all of you out there reading my blog!! I'm glad you're choosing to read my blog! That makes me very happy! haha. And hi to Isabel if you're reading this because I've been emailing you recently :P
Okay, that's it for this post. MY PARENTS ARE COMING FRIDAY!!!!

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  1. This is really awesome! And I am going to uncheck on my own blog my own visits to see how my numbers tally from here on out!