Sunday, June 3, 2012

Food, food, food!

This blog has existed for far too long. I've had this blog saved in my drafts for a very long time with only the first paragraph... So It's probably about time I finish it. I don't know if I've really talked that much about food here, but I've been thinking about food a lot lately and what I really like about Dutch food, and the few little food items that I miss back home.

So first the yummy things. Desserts and pastries. There are pannenkoeken, which are thin pancakes with a thicker, and richer dark Dutch syrup. They usually use this and powdered sugar on it, and it's very good. But you can really put anything you want on it... Like Nutella or jam. Then there are Appelflappen, which are basically an apple pie in a puff pastry with sugar on top. Its a triangle shape but it's good cold or warm. Oliebollen is a new thing I have only had once, and its a fried sort of bread thing with or without raisins that you put powdered sugar on. It's only around until New Years though, so we eat it during the holidays. Then there are stroopwafels, which is basically the best thing in the entire world. It's two waffle like things with some syrup inside, but they're thin and they're just the best thing ever. I think for all of the exchange students they are more addicting than for Dutch people. Because if you give exchange students a package of stroopwafels it will be gone in like ten minutes. Vla is a type of pudding, that I think is a bit thinner than our pudding, but it is a lot better tasting than ours is. You can put hagelslag on this, which is the chocolate sprinkles that I think I've talked about...( you put this on bread, and it tastes exactly like chocolate but in sprinkles form. You have many types of flavors of this, and also in a few shapes)

What else... there's the fried food. Frikandel, Kroket, and kaas-souffle. Also bitterballen! those are really good too. Frikandel is kind of a sausage sort thing. There's a joke that no one knows what its made of, so they say its made of horse. haha. A Kroket is like a croquet, but its also sort of a thick sausage shape, about 4 inches long, with different soft fillings in side. And a kaas-souffle is a cheese souffle. bitterballen are like, mini krokets i guess you could say.

Potatoes. The Dutch love their potatoes. Fried, boiled or steamed, we eat potatoes almost every meal, unless we're eating pasta. Typical Dutch food is a portion of potatoes, some sort of meat, and another vegetable. Usually the other vegetable and the potatoes are mashed together to make sort of a potato bowl, which my Dad and brother put gravy inside.

Vegetables. A typical Dutch meal consists of potatoes, another vegetable and meat. These vegetables are often combined with the potatoes, making a sort of... mush I guess you could say? And that's pretty much typical Dutch food. Sometimes you can mash the vegetables and things, and that is a specific type of meal. The dutch also eat a lot of foreign food, like Italian, and Greek for example.

Okay I really don't think I am going to write anymore about this, because that's basically it in a nut shell. the moral of the story is that dutch have very good sweet food, and their dinner time meals are kind of blah, but my host mom makes them soo tasty. She is a very good cook.


  1. I think I would have a hard time resisting all of those sweets! I love sugar ... too much! From what you say about the Dutch being able to resist your favorite sweet, it sounds like the Dutch might have more control over eating ... unlike Americans who are eating too many calories as a whole. Do you find that the portions are smaller there?