Sunday, February 5, 2012

News news news!

I PASSED MY DUTCH TEST EVERYBODY! With a "very good" I got 67 out of 81 questions. 30/40 for the reading, and 37/41 for the listening. okay this is impossible to write right now. As I'm writing this I'm thinking in dutch and typing dutch words.. I have NO IDEA why that is happening but I guess that's immersion for you right? Right so, passed the dutch test. Awesome. Here's a picture of the exchange students and where we took the test. Okay what else. Well that's the big news. In two weeks we go skiing in Austria and I'm so excited!! today we went skiing inside as practice, and it was really fun! the snow was really strange because its fake snow and kind of powdery but it's really cool. Ah I'm so frustrated with my english right now, sorry! haha I know I can write better than this! Oh well...
I don't think I have more news than that I passed my dutch test! This is officially the worst blog post in the entire world! haha But everything's awesome here! I'm really happy. I've done some work for senior exhibit and now I have to do more!


    so proud of you! keep up the good work and have fun skiing! send me and email about how it goes.

  2. This is awesome!! And the fact that your mind is working in Dutch is even more awesome! That means you are truly a part of the language. Congrats!