Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Geen Zin

That doesn't translate well on google translate for all of you, but it means "I don't want to" basically... More like, no motivation... The reason that is the title of my post is because right now I'm freezing cold because I just had to bike home in the rain. So just a tiny little update. MY DUTCH TEST IS SATURDAYYYY!!! It's a listening and reading test and I think it's gonna be okay... At least I hope so. So far I've been studying like every day and speaking all dutch so I guess that's okay... Too bad it's not a speaking test, that might be easier. Rightt? But other than that it's just normal things going on right now. Going to school, biking, going out on the weekends, in three weeks or so we have vacation againnn! And this time we're going skiinggg! On the 5th we are going "practice skiing" with the family we are going with, so that should be really fun. And nice to see how long its been since I've skied... (PARENTS: I CANT REMEMBER HOW LONG ITS BEEN).
What else... well now I'm learning to dance! Kind of.. haha. Every Saturday they have this thing called soiree in the city, which.. oh wait that's an english word too isn't it? Well it's a dancing thing. Because lots of kids in Steenbergen take dancing lessons, and soiree is like a time to practice them, but without the instruction and with music. So they play all kinds of songs and if you know how to do the dance that goes to whatever beat it is then you can dance! They also have like modern music playing, not just like.. old waltz music or what you normally think of. They have both, so that's kind of nice. So I've been going there, and I'm kind of being taught a little bit... but obviously it's not really a quick thing to learn, but it's still always fun to go to.
Tomorrow we have a really short day at school because there is a teacher protest sort of thing so a lot of teachers aren't coming to school tomorrow and a lot of kids don't have school tomorrow.. so yeah! haha
I don't know what else I've been doing lately.. just going to school and stuff like I said. So yeah. Wish me luck with my dutch test!

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