Monday, August 29, 2011

Some pictures!!

my host family took these pictures for me so I had pictures of my arrival at the airport

the doors we came out of after baggage claim

the sign they made for me!!

all of us together at lastt :)
from left to right: Hans, Jelle, Me, Anne-Claire, Andrea


  1. So, I had some time today ot get caught up on your blog, and WOW! What amazing things you are already seeing and doing and learning. The school schedule was really neat -- you really have to manage your time and work. It is much more like our college schedule. Do all students your age go to a school like this or are there other types of schools?

    I am also so glad your host family is making your adjustment so good. I get very homesick, so I am just so impressed with your strength in being there, and I am glad they can help you when things are a little blue.

    I cannot tell if you have actually started school yet -- you seem to maybe be in an orientation time? Will you be at school with other AFS students, or are you the only one?

    Thanks for writing so much so that those of us from far away can feel like we know what you are doing.

  2. I have no idea if you will be notified of a reply when I do this, but I started school on Wednesday,and I'm the only one at my school. Im going to make a blog post about school soon though so I'll be sure to put that in my blog just in case you don't get notified about this comment. :)

  3. I will come back to check for comments so we can chat this way. I am going to go read your first day post now!