Monday, August 29, 2011


So today was a very important day. I found out my class, schedule and got my books. So my class is V5D. Which is VWO 5, or grade 5 in VWO and class D. All of the students in the room (except for me and a younger boy who just moved back here from Sri Lanka) had their schedules and classes already. So all of the students, grades 5 and 4, sat in this big room while the principal spoke to us.Anne-Claire and her friend Gloria came with me to this meeting, which was good because they could sort of translate things for me. After the principal spoke, the classes were called so they could all find out who was in their class and get their books. As we were sitting in this room Anne-Claire was pointing out alot of her friends, because a lot of them had not passed the year. And at first hearing this, one would think that it means that those people were not smart, but apparently alot of people don't always pass, because school is really really hard... especially level 5... haha. So as the classes were being called she was telling me, oh I hope you're not in that class or oh I really hope you're in that class! And she hoped I was in either class C or D, and I'm in class D, so that's really good! What this means for me is that alot of her friends are going to be in my "class" and this is kind of like having an advisory, but in a much bigger group. So I will be in an "advisory" group (they call the adviser a tutor) with alot of other kids. Once a week we meet and it can be a free time to do homework and ask questions, so it's nice that there will be alot of people in my class that are Anne-Claire's friends meaning they will hopefully be willing to help me with my dutch.

It took a while to get my schedule, and the Sri Lanka guy also had to wait to get his, but he got his first, and I had to wait alot longer. It also took a long time to get my books, but I eventually got those too :) So right now we are all in the process of wrapping our books. We have to do this because we have to sell or give back our books at the end of the year, so the books are in the process of being covered in wrapping paper. One of her close friends was wrapping books here too for a while with Jelle because they are in the same class. It's kind of a pain but you have to do it. Anne-Claire has sooo many books and soo many classes. She's taking 14 classes this year, so that seems like so much compared to my 8 or 9. So now I'm going to write my schedule out, because everyone I show my schedule is very jealous, so I'm very very lucky.

Order of Periods(each class is 50min) and Start times
1) 8:30
2) 9:20
3) 10:10
AM BREAK- 11:00- 11:15
4) 11:15
5) 12:05
PM BREAK- (Lunch) 12:55- 13:20
6) 13:20
7) 14:10
8) 15:00
9) 15:50- 16:40

Maandag (Mon)
Am break
5 History
6 Management and Organisation (M&O)
7 M&O Double period
8 Econ.

1 General Science
3 History
am break
pm break
6 General Math

2 English Literature
3 English Literature (Double period)
am break
4 History
pm break
6 Dutch Literature
7 M&O
8 Gym
9 Gym (double period)

Donderdag (Thurs)
2 General Science
3 Dutch Literature
am break
4 Gen. Math
5 Econ
pm break
6 Mentor period (advisory group)

1 Gen. Math
2 English lit.
3 Dutch Lit.
4 Test period
5 Test period

So that's my schedule for the week. So all those free periods that are in the morning, that means I don't have to be at school until my first class, and then I get to leave at my last class. So like on friday, if I don't have a test, I get to go home at 11 or 11:15. Those two periods are reserved for tests, so I can have either a two or 1 hour test. Then on Monday, I don't have to be at school until 12:05. So that is reaaaally reallly cool. Also, general math and general science are classes that everyone has to take unless you choose a profile that has higher maths or higher sciences. Since Anne-Claire would like to be a doctor, so she takes biology, and chemistry and physics, instead of general science (Every year!!) because hers is more focused on sciences. So I am pretty happy with my schedule so far. I won't be able to bike home most days with Anne-Claire or Jelle though, so the first week we will bike together though so I can learn the way completely since I've only done it once. I don't know what the kids will be like in my classes, but the girls I met from Anne-Claire's class seemed really nice and talked to me. Anne-Claire also drew me a map of the school and where my classes are located, so hopefully I won't get lost my first day. I don't know what my locker number is yet though, so for the first day I will need to find out where that is.

So school starts Wednesday, wish me luck!

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