Sunday, October 23, 2011

oh my blogg

Wow, So I really have not posted in a long time on my blog. This is because, well, its actually quite hard to make the time to blog! Twice a week we have hockey, and we always bike there so we have to be ready to leave by 7, and when we leave then we are barely on time. And on Wednesday's I get out of school at 4:40, and have to bike home. This is because we have gym until then, so it's pretty late and really annoying because I get home and then its almost dinner time. Also because when I want to blog, I want to sit down and write lots of things down, rather than just a quick today was good post blah blah. But I don't actually have time to blogg today.

Ah, so I never put pictures of Amsterdam up, so I'm going to write this first, save it as a draft and then post the pictures before this. That way the pictures and blog are there, but you read this post first so you can see you need to scroll and look at the blog about Amsterdam!!

But soo tomorrow we all go to Mallorcaaaaaa!! Yayyy! Warm weatherr! So I'll be back in a bit, and hopefully make a blog about that and maybe another one or something.
Soo be back laterr!

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