Saturday, July 16, 2011

thank you Mrs. Nobles :)

Yay for amazing senior exhibit mentors! :) Since I now no longer have to worry about what my application is going to be, I just get to be excited for all the things I’m going to do next year! So, I think what I’m most excited about right now is the culture side of the experience. Because I feel like I’ve grown up having two different cultures, and so that it will be interesting for me to learn all about a third culture which will be a big part of my life coming home. The other thing I’m very excited about is learning a new language! This will be my third language, so that’s also really cool!

So I guess it’s kind of strange how I’m excited about two things that will be my “thirds”, but that’s also kind of cool that I’ll be living and exposed to a third culture, while learning my third language!

So I’m glad I understand now that I don’t need to know my application going into next year, so that is very helpful. So now I guess I have to think about what I’m worried about… well, I guess I’m most worried about the language, because I have no idea how long that is going to take to learn, so I’ll be kind of isolated in a sense until I learn the language. The other thing I’m most worried about is coming back, and how it’s going to feel coming back to my old school and my parents after being gone for so long. But I’m sure it will take some adjusting! But overall I can’t wait for all the new experiences I’m going to be exposed to next year! Only a month and two days now... !! I can't believe it!

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  1. You are welcome :)Explore all you can about the culture and the language for your first few months. You will know so much more then, and we will be able to talk learning activity plans!